Audio for VATSIM Launch

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After a long wait, the day is almost there:… the launch of VATSIM’s new voice codec! Starting Sunday October 13th a number of steps will have to be taken, by both the Org and the users to make sure everyone will be able to use VATSIM again when it comes back online by monday evening. So what’s the plan?..

● VATSIM will be taken down completely from 2000z on Sunday October 13, 2019
● The network will be down for up to 24 hours, users are requested not to plan flights or ATC before 2000z on Monday
● The network may become available much sooner than this, but there will be a connection limit whilst final testing takes place
● If for any reason the downtime period becomes longer than 24 hours, we will announce this as quickly as possible
● Your pilot and controller clients will need to be updated to make use of this new codec. For more information visit the ‘getting started’-page on
● Quite a few tried and trusted ‘vatsim-isms’ will change with this new codec. To prevent any immediate misunderstandings, make sure to thoroughly study the provided manual.
● If there are any questions, feel free to send them in either our special afv-chat in discord or the forum topic.

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The Audio for VATSIM (AFV) system represents a step change in voice communication on the VATSIM network. For the first time, users can enjoy a high fidelity radio simulation encompassing Very High Frequency (VHF) and High Frequency (HF) communications, complete with realistic audio effects, range-based degradation and transceiver behaviour. Far more than just a simple codec change, AFV is a brand new voice system, built from the ground up with the aims of improving the clarity and intelligibility of VATSIM voice communications, minimising latency and increasing realism.

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