Cross to Canaries

Published by Marc Eijkens on

CROSS TO CANARIES: One of the biggest VATSIM events this year.

There are many tourists who decide to spend their holidays in the paradise of the Canary Islands. It is time to take them to the archipelago from all over the world!

Together with VATSIM UK, Ireland, France, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Brussels, we invite you to enjoy the Cross to Canaries event this June 3, from 11 to 18z. You should not miss it!

Departure Window of each Airport:

  • LFBD: 1245z – 1445z
  • GMMX: 1630z – 1730z
  • EGGD: 1130z – 1330z
  • EIDW: 1100z – 1300z
  • EHAM: 1100z – 1300z
  • LSGG: 1200z – 1400z
  • ELLX: 1115z – 1315z
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