EHRD – Rotterdam the Hague Airport


  • All VFR flights within Rotterdam CTR must file a flightplan.
  • For all VFR flights in the CTR, permission is required from Rotterdam Tower.
  • VFR flights must be executed via the arrival/departure routes, unless otherwise instructed by ATC.
  • Pilots shall execute strictly the published circuit, unless otherwise instructed by ATC.
  • Standard circuitheight for inbound VFR traffic is 1000ft AMSL. Standard height for VFR trainingcircuit is 500ft AMSL
  • Marked areas must be avoid.
  • ILS-area: VFR flights within the CTR can be instructed by ATC to stay clear of this area.

Visual departure procedures

Before engine start-up, the pilot first must have obtained “start-up clearance”. This clearance can be obtained by contacting Rotterdam ground and shall be given directly or dependant on traffic density at a fixed time.

A request for start-up contains:

  • Aicraft identification and type
  • Position
  • ATIS-information
  • Flightrules
  • Destination
  • Request engine start-up


Pilot: “Rotterdam Ground, PHHTM, Cessna 182, In front of jet center, Information ‘J’, VFR to Seppe, Request start-up.”

Departure routes

  • MIKE Departure.
    After departure follow the VFR-route via OSCAR (or ABM OSCAR) to MIKE and maintain 500m on the right side of the railway. Climb to 1000ft AMSL.
  • ROMEO Departure.
    After departure follow the VFR-route via OSCAR (or ABM OSCAR) and FOXTROT to ROMEO and maintain 500m on the right side of the highway. Climb to 1500ft AMSL.
  • HOTEL Departure.
    After departure follow the VFR-route via TANGO, SIERA to WHISKEY in the direction of HOTEL. Climb to 1000ft AMSL.
    (Only with permission from ATC. This VFR route will lap with RTM VOR-radial 272.)
  • For other directions.
    Departure instructions will be given by ATC.

Visual arrival procedures

  • Before entering the CTR, contact Rotterdam TWR in advance.
  • The CTR must be entered via MIKE at 1000ft AMSL, via ROMEO at 1500ft AMSL or via WHISKEY at 1500ft AMSL (HOTEL Arrival only with permission from ATC. This VFR-route will lap with RTM VOR-radial 272).
  • Pilots can be assigned to hold above the following points: ROMEO, FOXTROT, ABM MIKE, ABM OSCAR, WHISKEY, SIERA or TANGO.
  • When instucted to approach via ABM PAPA, the following rules are active:
    • Join the circuit by ATC instructions
    • Maintain 1000ft AMSL (MIKE arrival) ot 1500ft AMSL (ROMEO arrival)
    • After passing ABM PAPA, cross the runway in the middle and join the circuit at the instructed downwind.
    • In case of a “missed approach” enter the regarding traffic-circuit and report to ATC

VFR traffic circuits
RWY 06: A lefthand circuit at 1000 ft AMSL.
RWY 24: A righthand circuit at 1000 ft AMSL, maintain 1000 ft AMSL till the turn to base.

Note: For flight technical reasons, pilots can be instructed to extend the downwind leg.

ATC communications
Prior to entering the CTR contact Rotterdam TWR on 118.20

Pilot: “Rotterdam TWR, PHHTM”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, Rotterdam TWR, go ahead”

Pilot: “PTM, Cessna 182, VFR, inbound ROMEO, information A received, for landing”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, ROMEO arrival, runway 24, report OSCAR”

Pilot: “ROMEO arrival, runway 24, will report OSCAR, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM approaching OSCAR, maintaining 1500 feet”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM would you like to proceed via PAPA or straight to final 24, please advise”

Pilot: “Straight in will be appreciated, PTM”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, roger. After OSCAR descend 1000 feet and proceed direct to final 24. Report final”

Pilot: “After OSCAR, descending 1000 feet, will report final 24, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, final 24 maintaining 1000 ft”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, cleared to leave 1000 ft, number two”

Pilot: “Leaving 1000 ft, roger, PTM”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, runway 24 cleared to land, winds 270/8 knots”

Pilot: “Cleared to land 24, PTM”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, landing time on the hour, vacate first left and follow the marshaller”

Pilot: “Wilco, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, at the jet center, request switch off”

EHRD_TWR: “PTM, switch off approved”

Pilot: “Switching off, bye bye”

From other directions pilots can except the same procedures. A straight in approach is not always possible. The route will be via PAPA and than over the field. Or from the west after TANGO to join the circuit.