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Visiting pilots

So you are planning to fly from or to one of the Dutch airports? This is the right page for you. On this page all relevant information for Dutch airports is summarised.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Schiphol is a very large airport. To make sure you are well prepared as a pilote the Dutch VACC developed the Schiphol Pilot Briefing.This document provides you with the most relevant information for Schiphol including scenery recommendations. For current Amsterdam Airport Schiphol information, like runway usage and NOTAMs, you can check the Amsterdam Info page.

If you are looking for fying information for a VFR flight to or from Schiphol click here.

Regional Airports
For some basic information about IFR flights at the regional airports click here. For information about VFR flying you can read the information about the individual airports here.

The best and most complete package for scenery of the regional airports is NL2000 (freeware). Because of the size of the this scenery it might not be suitable for everyone. Please check our downloads page for an overview of all sceneries available. If you are still missing information on this page please let us know so we can improve it!

If you've flown to one of the Dutch airports recently and you want to leave some comment you can do that here. We really appreciate if you leave us some comment after you have flown to the Netherlands!

Visiting controllers

The Dutch VACC is currently unable to accept any visiting controller due to a crowded mentorprogram. You are free to contact our Training Director for more information. However, do note that you're not able to join a waiting list.