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EHAM - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (English)

When pilots are not performing the below published procedures, it can cause an unacceptable workload for ATC which may lead to refusal for entering the CTR or an instruction to leave the CTR


Schiphol CTR is assigned as class C airspace. All VFR flights within Schiphol CTR have to file a flightplan. Permission for VFR flights within Schiphol CTR has to be obtained:

  1. Before entering the CTR, at least 10 minutes before the ETA a request must be done, and
  2. For a departure from Schiphol, to request a "start-up clearance".

Conforming the following  procedures:

Inbound flights
Contact Schiphol Tower 10 minutes in advance before arrival for an "entry-clearance" (VFR to Schiphol, estimating VICTOR at ...., ATIS-information, for landing)

Outbound flights
Pilots have to receive a "start-up clearance" from ATC before start-up.

All VFR flights from and to Schiphol have to be performed via the VFR-sector, unless otherwise instructed by ATC or with permission from ATC after a request from the pilot. All aircraft  which are performing a VFR flight have to use landinglights when flying in the Schiphol CTR.

Visual departure procedures

Before engine start-up, the pilot first must have obtained "start-up clearance". Schiphol Delivery has to be asked for the start-up. Permission for start-up will  be given directly or dependant on traffic density at a fixed time.

A request for start-up contains:

  • aircraft identification and type
  • position
  • ATIS-information
  • Flightrules
  • Destination
  • Request engine start-up


  • PHHTM Cessna 182
  • Kilo 28
  • Information ‘P
  • VFR
  • Seppe
  • Request start-up

VICTOR Departure
  1. After take off climb to maximum 1000ft AMSL
  2. Enter the VFR sector, before reaching the maximum distance of 4NM from the airport (ALPHA) and report "leaving the CTR" above VICTOR