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Military Procedures


The airspace of the Netherlands is a small yet busy crossroad in both civil and military traffic. So the main concern is that we know what the other (civil/mil) is doing.  For military traffic the following (extra) rules apply within the Amsterdam FIR area:

  • All (VFR and IFR) flights should be in contact with ATC Amsterdam Radar (EHAA) or Dutch Mil (EHMC) if present.
  • Always file a flightplan with route/intentions (VFR/IFR).
  • Maximum speed is 350 kts IAS, unless persmisson from ATC
  • Minimum altitude above land: 1200 ft AGL for jet aircraft (VFR/IFR)
  • Minimum altitude above land: 1000 ft AGL for transport aircraft (VFR/IFR)
  • Minimum altitude above land: 500 ft AGL for helicopters (VFR/IFR)
  • Minimum altitude above sea: 100 ft AGL all aircraft (min 1nm outside coastline)
  • Minimum altitude above Waddenzee/Wetlands area: 1500 ft AGL all aircraft (VFR/IFR)
  • Intercepts or escorts of other aircraft are NOT allowed, unless permisson is given by ATC and the aircraft involved. Coming within 5 nm of another aircraft will be considered a intercept.
  • Flights from and to civil airports (EHAM, EHGG, EHRD & EHBK) are NOT permitted, unless able to fly and file via civil (STAR/SID) procedures and charts.
  • Avoid the Schiphol TMA area, orange on the map, (1500 ft - FL95) even when no ATC present.
  • VFR flights below 1500 ft are permitted, yet these have to remain at least 10 nm distance from SPL VOR.
  • Avoid civil CTR area's, red on the map, (GND-3000 ft) of the following airports EHAM, EHGG, EHRD & EHBK

Avoid area's

Use of restricted/temporary reserved airspace

The following area's can be used activated and used specificly for military traffic.

For individual usage this can be done either ad-hoc by requesting and getting approval from EHMC_CTR "Dutch Mil" or EHAA_CTR "Amsterdam Radar" (in that order) or in advance by contacting Dutch VACC's Director.

For group usage by VSOA affiliated military flight organizations contact also Dutch VACC's Director.

Vliehors Range "Cornfield"
Vliehors Range

EHR 4(A) GND-28500 ft
EHR 4B   GND-4000 ft
EHR 4C   1000-2000 ft
EHR 4D   GND-1500 ft

Northsea AIR to AIR range

EHD1    FL55-FL285     EHD1A FL285-FL660
EHD2 *  FL55-FL285     EHD2A FL285-FL660
EHD3    FL55-FL285     EHD3A FL285-FL660
EHD4    FL55-FL285     EHD4A FL285-FL660
EHD5 *  FL55-FL285     EHD5A FL285-FL660
EHD6    FL55-FL285     EHD6A FL285-FL660
EHD7    FL55-FL285     EHD7A FL285-FL660
EHD8 *  FL55-FL285     EHD8A FL285-FL660

* = Use is limited due to civil Upper Conditional Routes.


The Dutch military AIP is available through the Eurocontrol website.

Military arrival en depatures charts can be found at the CENOR site.
Civil arrival and departures charts from military aerodromes can be found in the AIP NL.

The vRNLAF (virtual Royal NetherLands Air Force)  is a Flight Simulater based virtual group that simulates the Royal Netherland Air Force (RNLAF).

The focus in on the "tactische luchtmacht" of the our reallife counterpart, we use the VATSIM network for the online (military) flying and controlling.

Main aim is to have fun yet to fly and control as realistic as possible, side objective is to educate pilots and controllers in military stuf... the right stuff!

For more information you can visit our homepage.