Rating requirements Delivery controller


To control Schiphol Delivery you have to:

  • Be a member of Dutch VACC or have obtained visiting controller status.
  • Observe for a minimum of 20 hours.
  • Successfully complete the Student 1 test.
  • Know the relevant theory that is available on the controllers section of the website.
  • Demonstrate that you have mastered the theory through one of the following ways:
    • Passing the Delivery test (in one attempt).
    • Completing (at least one) mentor session with a mentor in the mentor program.

General knowledge (related to S1 rating)

  • Being able to set up, configure and connect to the VATSIM network.
  • Having a basic understanding of the role of an air traffic controller.
  • Showing an understanding of the specific responsibilities of the Clearance
    Delivery position.
  • Showing an understanding of situations and anticipating developments and
  • Being able to prioritise communication.
  • Using the correct radio telephony (R/T).
  • Being able to work with flight strips, tags, and flight plans.
  • Understanding and being able to explain basic features of IFR and VFR.
  • Working with a professional attitude and behaviour.
  • Mastery of the NATO phonetic alphabet.

Specific knowledge

  • Being able to correctly identify a calling flight after a call, without significant delay.
  • Applying the relevant flight rules correctly for airway clearance.
  • Identifying errors in a flight plan and providing a correct alternative.
  • Processing adjustments and changes in the flight plan and the departure list.
  • Providing a VFR startup clearance.
  • Understanding METAR.
  • Knowledge about routes, characteristics, and structure of the (Schiphol) airspace.
  • Choosing correct runway combinations and a distribution of SIDs over the
  • Correctly transferring aircraft to the next position.


  • Consulting and coordinating with other air traffic controllers (GND, TWR, and
    APP) as needed.

Minimum online time

  • 15 hours

Promotion to the next position

  • When the above mentioned requirements are met.
  • When the trainee can demonstrate sufficient mastery of the theory in a mentor