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Runway 36C/18C closed due to WIP
Schiphol's "Zwanenburgbaan" will be closed due to maintenance and replacement of surface lights from May 25th until July 12th. In general runway 18C/36C is used as secondary runway during peak hours. However our controllers shall not offer you this runway in this period of time. Taxi instructions from or to runway 36L/18R will be explicitly given via W5. Taxiways Y and Z are closed as well.
Blue Arrows Event
On Saturday, May 30th, pilots of Royal Dutch Virtual will be flying from Amsterdam (EHAM) to Manchester (EGCC). The estimated number of participants is around 15-20 and departure off-blocks is between 18:00 and 18:30 UTC. Everyone is welcome to join in! Routes between these cities can be found in VATROUTE.
Controller Practical Test Dave Roverts Take 2
On Monday, June 1st, there will be an APP Controller Practical Test at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Dutch VACC member Dave Roverts will be trying to convince the examiners he is ready for the next step. The CPT starts at 17:30 UTC and ends around 19:30 UTC.

All traffic (IFR or VFR) is greatly appreciated! Flightplans to and from Schiphol airport can be found on VATRoute.
Eindhoven-Berlin city pair
On Sunday, June 14th, the Dutch VACC and VATSIM Germany will jointly organise the Eindhoven-Berlin city pair! Fly between these cities and enjoy full ATC coverage from gate to gate! The flight can be done both ways and there should even be sufficient time for a return flight. Military traffic on GAT-routes between these airports is also welcome - OAT only after prior notification/approval.

The event will be held between 17:30 and 20:30 UTC. Routes can be found in VATROUTE. For Eindhoven charts, check here. We're looking forward to seeing you online!