Become a Member

STEP 1 – Create a VATSIM account
If you do not have an account at VATSIM yet, then you must create one on the VATSIM network. If you already have an account go to step 2.
By doing this you will receive a VATSIM ID (7 digits) which you will need during the application process. With this VATSIM ID you will be able to log in on the VATSIM network and fly or control online.

STEP 2 – Region/Division

  • Set the correct Region: (Europe)
  • Set the correct Division: (Europe/except UK)
  • Set the correct vACC: (Dutch)

    After your DV membership is confirmed by VATEUD: please logout from the Dutch VACC site and logon again first to update your membership!

    By setting your VACC to ‘the Dutch VACC’ you declare you have read and agree with the Dutch VACC’s general terms & conditions.

    After you have completed the steps above you will be able to login to the Dutch VACC website using your vatsim account and acces all member sections, including the forum and discord server.

    If you have any questions about this procedure feel free to contact us.

    – Dutch VACC Membership Department