EHBK – Maastricht Aachen Airport


  • All VFR flights within Maastricht CTR have to file a flightplan.
  • For all VFR flights in the CTR, permission is required from Beek Tower.
  • VFR flights must be executed via the arrival/departure routes, unless other instructed by ATC.
  • ILS-area: VFR flights within the CTR can be instructed by ATC to stay clear of this area.
  • Marked areas must be avoid.
  • VFR TFC instructed by Beek ATC to squawk a specific SSR transpondercode. This squawk has to be maintained within the lateral borders from Maastricht TMA 1 and 2.

Visual departure procedures
Before engine start-up, the pilot must first have obtained “start-up clearance”. This clearance can be obtained by contacting Beek ground and shall be given directly or dependant on traffic density at a fixed time.

A request for start-up contains:

  • Aircraft identification and type.
  • Position.
  • ATIS-information.
  • Flightrules.
  • Destination.
  • Request engine start-up.


Pilot: “Beek Ground, PHSPF, Piper Arrow, In front of tower, Information ‘P’, VFR to Seppe, Request start-up.”

Departing aircraft climb as fast as possible and maintain runway-heading untill leaving the airport perimeter.
Follow one of the mandatory departure routes at 1300ft ASML until leaving the CTR.

VFR arrival procedures

  1. Contact Beek TWR in advance for traffic clearance to enter the CTR.
  2. Enter the CTR at 1800ft AMSL and maintain this height. Continue via published VFR route (BRAVO, MIKE or UNIFORM) unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Pilots can expect to hold above the following points: SIERRA, HOTEL or INDIA.
  4. Enter the circuit as instructed by ATC
  5. In case of a “missed approach” climb runway track till 1300ft AMSL and report to ATC.

VFR traffic circuits (RWY 03 and 21)
Aircraft with MTOW < 2000 kg

  • The circuitdirection will be instructed Beek TWR
  • The circuitheight is 1300 ft AMSL.
  • Westbound traffic-circuit should be avoided due to noise abatement.

Small Jets (MTOW < 5700 kg) and multi-engine propeller aircraft

  • The circuitdirection will be instructed Beek TWR
  • The circuitheight is 1800 ft AMSL.

ATC communication
Contact Beek tower well in time on 119.47.

Pilot: “Beek TWR, N34937”

EHBK_TWR: “N37, Beek TWR, go ahead”

Pilot: “N37, Cessna 177, VFR, inbound BRAVO, 1800 feet, information A received, for landing”

EHBK_TWR: “N37, BRAVO arrival, runway 21, QNH1018, report GOLF”

Pilot: “BRAVO arrival, runway 21, QNH1018, will report GOLF, N37”

Pilot: “N37, approaching GOLF”

EHBK_TWR: “N37, join a right-hand downwind for runway 21, report final”

Pilot: “joining a right-hand downwind for runway 21, will report final, N37”

Pilot: “N37, final runway 21”

EHBK_TWR: “N37, runway 21, cleared to land winds calm”

Pilot: “cleared to land runway 21, N37”

Pilot: “N37, vacated 21 via intersection 4”

EHBK_TWR: “N37, taxi to general aviation, switch off approved”

Pilot: “taxiing to general aviation and switching off now, bye bye, N37”