EHGG – Groningen Airport Eelde


  • Eelde CTR is assigned as controlled airspace (Class C)
  • For all VFR flights in the CTR, permission is required from Eelde Tower
  • All VFR flights within Eelde CTR must file a flightplan
  • VFR flights must be executed via the arrival/departure routes, unless other instructed by ATC or on request of the pilot.
  • ILS-area: VFR flights within the CTR can be instructed by ATC to stay clear of this area.
  • Marked areas must be avoid.
  • All aircrafts which performing a VFR fligt withing Eelde CTR must switch on landinglights.
  • All VFR flights within Eelde CTR must be performd at or below 1500ft AMSL

Note: All VFR flights which have to cross Eelde TMA, are requested to contact Eelde APP on FREQ 120.30.

VFR departure procedures
1. Before engine start-up, the pilot must first have obtained “start-up clearance”. This clearance can be obtained by contacting Eelde Delivery and shall be given directly or dependant on traffic density at a fixed time.

A request for start-up contains:

  • Aircraft identification and type
  • Position
  • ATIS-information
  • Flightrules
  • Destination
  • Request engine start-up


Pilot: “Eelde Delivery, PHSPF, Piper Arrow, In front of tower, Information ‘E’, VFR to Seppe, Request start-up.”

2. After departure climb to 1000ft AMSL, unless other instructed or permitted.

3. Make the shortest turn to follow the instructed route at or before PAPA or VICTOR.

4. Pass PAPA or VICTOR at 1000ft AMSL and maintain 1000ft AMSL till outside the CTR.

5. Report PAPA and VICTOR on request of ATC.

6. Report leaving the CTR at assigned reportpoint.

Warning: When following the UNIFORM departure, it is prohibited to cross the railway Groningen/Assen via haren, Glimmen and Tynaarlo

VFR arrival procedures

  1. Contact Eelde Tower 2 minutes in advance to request permission to enter the CTR.
  2. Enter the CTR at 1500ft AMSL and maintain height, unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Descend to circuit altitude following the joining-procedures instructed by ATC:

a. Overhead joining:

Report OVERHEAD and descend at the “dead side” of the circuit. When joining the circuit for RWY 23 or 19 from NOVEMBER, join directly on base

b. Direct joining:

Descend after passing NOVEMBER or TANGO, unless other instructed.

Note: Unless other instructed, the circuit height is 1000ft for light Propeller aircraft (no turboprop) with MAX AUW of 6000kg, 1500ft for JET, TURBOPROP and other aircraft (with MAX AUW >6000kg)

In case of a missed approach, climb runway track till MAX 1000ft AMSL and report to ATC.

VFR traffic circuits

  • In case of busy traffic, the downwind can be extended when approved by ATC
  • Due to traffic and/or weathercircumstances circuit height can be flown at 500ft AMSL

Light PROPELLER aircraft (No TURBOPROP, MAX AUW 6000kg):

  • RWY 05: Normally a righthand circuit at1000 ft AMSL.
  • RWY 23: Normally a left hand circuit at 1000 ft AMSL.
  • RWY 01: A righthand circuit at 1000 ft AMSL.
  • RWY 19: A left hand circuit at1000 ft AMSL.

JET, TURBOPROP and other aircraft (with MAX AUW > 6000 kg):

  • RWY 05: A righthand circuit at 1500ft AMSL. At 500ft AMSL or at L-GG (which is earlier) turn left to course 050 MAG. At the position of the orange circuitmarker a right turn to join the circuit.
  • RWY 23: A left hand circuit at1500 ft AMSL. Turn in for final approach behind (eastside) the orange circuitmarker.
  • RWY 01: Normally a left hand circuit at1500 ft AMSL.
  • RWY 19: Normally a right hand circuit at1500 ft AMSL.

A “missed approach” for RWY 01, 05 , 19 en 23: Report immediately to ATC and climb to circuit height.

ATC communication
2 Minutes in advance before reaching the CTR border, contact Eelde TWR on 118.7

Pilot: “Eelde TWR, PHHTM”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, Eelde TWR, go ahead”

Pilot: “PTM, Cessna 182, VFR, inbound ROMEO, 1500 feet, information A received, for landing”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, ROMEO arrival runway 23, report TANGO”

Pilot: “ROMEO arrival runway 23, will report TANGO, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, approaching TANGO”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, proceed to direct base runway 23”

Pilot: “direct base runway 23, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, on base runway 23”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, runway 23 cleared to land, winds 230/7 knots”

Pilot: “cleared to land runway 23, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, vacated 23 via runway 19”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, stay on the righthand side of runway 19, you have opposite traffic, taxi to the apron”

Pilot: “staying on the righthand side of 19 and taxiing to the apron, PTM”

Pilot: “PTM, we have the marshaller”

EHBK_TWR: “PTM, follow him and swith off approved”

Pilot: “wilco, switching off, PTM”