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This website represents the Dutch division of VATSIM. The Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network provides realistic air traffic control to flight simulator pilots. Please visit our website frequently to not miss any event in the Netherlands. We like to see you again on Schiphol Mainport or other regional airports such as Rotterdam, Groningen Eelde, Eindhoven or Maastricht Beek. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!
Runway 18R/36L closed
Due to maintenance, runway 18R/36L is closed from March 25th until April 15th. The Dutch VACC will simulate this closure on the VATSIM network.

More information (in Dutch) can be found here.

Controller Practical Test Sem Drevijn
On Sunday, March 25th, there will be a TWR Controller Practical Test at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Dutch VACC member Sem Drevijn will be trying to convince the examiners he is ready for the next step. The CPT starts at 17:30 UTC and ends around 19:30 UTC.

All traffic (IFR or VFR) is greatly appreciated! Flightplans to and from Schiphol airport can be found using the vRoute planner on our homepage