Pilot Briefing

Planning to fly from or to one of the Dutch airports? This is the right page for you! On this page all relevant information for Dutch airports is summarized.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Schiphol is a very large airport. To make sure you are well prepared as a pilot the Dutch VACC developed the Schiphol Pilot Briefing.This document provides you with the most relevant information for Schiphol including scenery recommendations. For current Amsterdam Airport Schiphol information, like runway usage and NOTAMs, you can check the Amsterdam Info page.

To allow you to quickly find a suitable free gate to spawn your aircraft on, we’ve developed the EHAM Gate Finder, which finds a available stand, that is suitable for your aircraft, destination and airline.
When you are inbound EHAM, we automatically detect if your callsign and aircraft-type matches a real world flight. Unless it is occupied, ATC will always direct you towards the last known real-life gate for the flight you are operating.

Pilot Briefing

If you are looking for flying information for a VFR flight to or from Schiphol click here.

Regional Airports
For some basic information about IFR flights at the regional airports: Regional Airports. For information about VFR flying you can read the information about the individual airports: VFR Procedures.


  • P3D/FSX Payware
    The Dutch VACC recommends FlyTampa’s Amsterdam scenery. This is a commercial scenery but well worth your money. The airport is well designed with sharp and very detailed textures and supported by GSX.
  • P3D Payware
    A new addition to the line-up of Dutch FS products is OrbX Netherlands true earth. An immersive rendition of the entire country based on sattelite imagery, including 3D structures. Perfect for low and slow VFR flights.
  • P3D/FSX Freeware
    Another good alternative is the “The Netherlands 2000 Scenery Project” (NL2000). Every square meter of the Netherlands is included, and the scenery is a great addition to your flight simulator. this pack also includes the Dutch regional airports.
  • X-Plane 10 Payware
    Aerosoft has also created a great scenery for X-Plane 10.

If you’ve flown to one of the Dutch airports recently and you want to leave some comment you can do that here. We really appreciate if you leave us some comment after you have flown to the Netherlands! PilotBriefingEHAMcompact